Commercial & Industrial Concrete Epoxy Flooring

Places like commercial and industrial floors are exposed to some of the toughest conditions, and use concrete floors to stand up to all of the abuse. Concrete floors are great for this because they are very tough and can usually hand anything that gets thrown at them.

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However, high amounts of traffic, exposure to chemicals, and water spillage can lead to these concrete floors becoming damaged. The perfect way to protect the concrete floor in your commercial or industrial building is to give it an epoxy treatment. Epoxy treatments mean that you can worry less about your floors getting damaged for a much greater amount of time. If you need any form of epoxy flooring services in the Wilder, VT area, call (802) 231-1068 to learn more.

Epoxy Flooring for Commercial Concrete Floors

Commercial concrete floors experience an extreme amount of traffic every day, from both people on foot and vehicles as well.This can lead to wear and tear developing very quickly in the life of the concrete, much faster than it would anywhere else. Cracks and chips can start to form in the floor within just a few months. The best way to protect the concrete floors of your commercial building is to give it a thick layer of epoxy coating so that it has a hard protective layer. Our special epoxy formula is the best in the business, and you can rest assured that your floors will last much longer. Call us today to find out more about our coatings for commercial purposes in Vermont and New Hampshire.


Epoxy Flooring for Industrial Concrete Floors

Industrial settings, much like commercial ones, experience a much higher amount of traffic than the average building does. Constant wear and tear by both humans and automobiles means that industrial floors have a shorter life than other similar floors. However, these floors are also often exposed to different types of chemicals, making the problem even worse. If you have an industrial building with a concrete floor, let the professionals at Cornerstone Decorative Concrete help extend the life of your floors. Why spend huge sums of money to get an entirely new floor, when your can simply have it protected with epoxy for a fraction of the cost?

Epoxy Flooring For Any Building Application

Cornerstone Decorative Concrete has the solutions that you need for your commercial and industrial floor applications. If your floors are becoming ugly or damaged, or if you simply want to prevent them from getting to that point, Cornerstone Decorative Concrete is your number one source. We have been providing epoxy flooring services along with many others to the Wilder, VT, and we guarantee your satisfaction. Call the epoxy flooring experts today, and we will help get you on your wait to beautiful, long lasting concrete floors. No job is too big or too small for us, so call today to learn more.

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